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   Based in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, TreeofLifePotters embodies the flora of our diverse temperate rainforest ecosystem by impressing flowers, leaves and other plant parts into handbuilt stoneware clays. 

   Tree of Life started many years ago when a Danish man named Gene Franck moved to the Appalachians to settle down. As he fell in love with the plants and energy of the sacred land we call home, he was inspired to create a ceramic expression of the dense forest plants and flowers. Being an experienced photographer and potter, he developed a technique of impressing plants into clay and staining in their images with iron-oxides. Through the channel of his vivid imagination and creative wit, Tree of Life Potters was born. 

  Later he took my father Jimmy under his wing and taught him the technique, eventually selling the business and name to him. My father taught me as I grew up, and eventually I realized what a gift it was and picked it up with my own style and intention. Now we co-create the vision he shared with me and the magic has been passed from father to son. We are grateful and honored to unveil the evolution of this unique art form!

The Forest Lives On... Follow Your Own Vision Quest...


Gaia Earth Dragon Tree of Life
Father and Son At Virginia Highlands Art Show 1990s
Shaman's Dream - Mother Water
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Fresh Dogwood and Bloodroot Platter
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